Cyber Security Safeguards for Today’s Risks

As the technology landscape expands with each new innovation, so too expands the risks related to cyber security. Organizations are tasked with going above and beyond what was expected of them in the past in order to safeguard data they rely on. Some are learning the hard way that they need to revisit their security strategies. Taking proactive measures is key to protecting your data as you establish more robust ways to fight pervasive attacks.

New apps, cloud technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT) – while helping to push organizations to new heights – have also pushed them to situations that lead to being compromised. To stay ahead of hackers, a new approach to cyber security is imperative.

Enlisting Artificial Intelligence

AI, or artificial intelligence, has become a go-to technology in advancing initiatives related to reaching a variety of goals, but it’s also something that can add to security. For example, detecting anomalies in an increasingly vast amount of data and daily interaction with systems is something that is nearly impossible without the aid of more advanced technology. What would take a team of individuals tasked only to catch red flags can be accomplished in a split second with the right AI in place.

Malicious behavior can come in a variety of forms, and with AI in place, businesses can identify and react to them quickly. This means your data protection strategy moves from a purely reactive response to a proactive method with little expense.

Malware Protection

One of the most pervasive forms of attacks comes via malware. As a definition, malware can pertain to anything that harms your system and impacts your data. Machine learning doesn’t rely solely on matching suspect code with signature-based systems, which is what many legacy solutions offered.

The amount of data generated in a day can be classified as “massive,” especially compared to what was generated in years past. Businesses must implement new technology to assist in keeping it safe. With deep-learning AI, cyber security gets a significant boost and your data is safeguarded under an umbrella of protection that exceeds what was possible in the past.

Evolving With the Threats

Taking on strong cyber security solutions means you are evolving in a way that allows you to stay a step ahead of the hackers. However, as much as you are using AI to fight them, hackers are also looking for ways to use this technology to circumvent your system. The best approach is identifying weak areas in your business networks through a system of regular audits, which means you can avoid pervasive spyware and phishing attacks.

At One Connect, our approach to assisting customers is to partner with them to know what they need, where their weaknesses lie, and what technology can advance their workflow process while also protecting them from a data breach. Contact us and let’s discuss the options you have for a more robust, safer, and advanced way to reach your goals.